About us

Baworowo was established at the begining of nineteenth century as a textile plant, which was runned till World War II. In 1939 production profile was changed in order to meet german army's needs. As the company location provided both hiding from air strike and electric energy from nearby Kwisa river, The Third Reich decided to produce here V-1 and V-2 rockets' subassemblies. Currently there are taken some actions in order to rebuild an old hydro-power station. Moreover here are also tunnel entrances, where propably were situated secret company sections, today they are closed due to safety rules.

After World War II had finished, company was robbed of all equipment. For many years company's buildings were out of use. In 1952 came historical breakthrough: Light Industry Minister founded an enterprise, which was occupying with repairing of textil industry machines. Four years later the enterprise was merged with "Lubań"- textil industy enterprise. The seat of merged enterprises became Baworowo in Leśna. After seven years the name of enterprise was changed. Since 1959 company calls: Factory of Textile Machine Components and Cast Iron Foundry "Baworowo" S.A.

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